Discussion of the thesis: Errors to be avoided

Yes we have, three years (or five … or even more) have gone, sleepless nights on the books, whole days in the classroom and hours in the library we have accumulated in industrial quantities, examination anxiety and writing panic theses are now a memory. This means only one thing: we have reached the moment for which we have worked all this time, finally we have to discuss our thesis, the fruit of years of work is there, beautifully printed and bound, we know it better than the Hail Mary and we do not see the time to rattle off what we know in front of the committee!

But be careful, there are some small tricks that are better respected and some things that it would be better to avoid in order not to compromise in a few minutes everything for which we worked

Speak as if you were at the speaker’s corner

It is very likely that the topic chosen for your thesis will particularly excite you, but avoid getting caught during the show, keep a moderate tone of voice, do not reach out or gesticulate too much and do not address the public you have behind you, remember that you’re not making a speech

Use too specific terminologies

It may be that not all the members of the commission know the subject of your thesis perfectly, therefore avoiding abusing too technical terms, if it were necessary to worry about explaining even with less specific terms how much you are exposing.

Being too verbose

Remember that you do not have to win the commission for exhaustion, your exposure must be short, clear and detailed, but not excessively long. In the previous days practiced by timing your exposure and, if in doubt, cut!

Speak as if there were no one in the classroom

A tactic to combat performance anxiety is to become estranged as if no one was around. In reality it is not very good, talking to the commission, addressing them with a gaze by sharing them all will denote security by capturing their attention

Recite the thesis

You have read, reread and studied it so much that you now know it practically by heart. Here … make sure that the commission never gets this feeling: a small robot that repeats the nursery rhyme and that gets stuck when it is interrupted. Make your display as fluid and discursive as possible, perhaps by helping yourself with slides to project!

Displaying irrelevant facts

Avoid inventing false interests or arguments that are not very relevant to the subject of your thesis with the sole purpose of appearing super prepared, it may be interesting to explain what prompted you to choose the subject matter, but without going too “off topic” … indeed, “out of the thesis”!

Take certain topics for granted

You have dedicated so much time to us that your level of preparation could make you think that in life you have never studied anything else, the topic of the thesis has no secrets for you! Exactly … for you, but not for everyone! It may be that some members of the commission do not have the same preparation, very trivially because they are teachers of other subjects. As far as possible explain so that every step is clear to everyone, it would be bad to put in difficulty those in front of you.

Get to the end too quickly

Have you been the classic student of 30 and honors with every exam? Are you part of that lucky category that stores everything in the little brain without the slightest effort? It is therefore very probable that your exhibition will be brilliant and that the teachers’ questions will be welcomed for you to reconfirm your preparation and you will silence them all in two minutes … result? In ten minutes you finish the discussion with the risk of having embarrassing time to fill. It is worthwhile to prepare a backup plan, perhaps studied some additional topic with which you can relate to the topic of your thesis to be able to talk for a few more minutes and not be in embarrassing silence!

Talk to a machine

It is clear, the long-awaited moment has arrived, for which you have worked for endless months and the agitation is a thousand. But don’t make the mistake of talking to the machine, the result will be that you will look like a robot that loses the thread if interrupted, the commission will receive an accumulation of sentences shot without pause making it impossible to understand what you are talking about. Try to stay calm as much as possible!

Make yourself pregnant to reach the desired final score

Do not think about the final score, it is clear that you will try to get as many points as possible, but don’t make this goal compromise your exposure, you would risk getting upset and ruining everything. Up to here you are, brilliantly or not, arrived … now it is right to enjoy the moment of discussion and remember that, whatever happens, it will be a success!

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