How to put page numbers in thesis?

Page numbers

Well yes. Touches you. Arrived at the last row sweating seven shirts and thought you were done?

Almost. A detail is missing. Not really negligible. Considering that a self-respecting thesis cannot fail to have page numbers … Here they are waiting for you mocking. Immediately followed by the need to make an index that shows the correct page numbers …

Some tricks to make this moment easier:

if you chose duplex printing and don’t have much time, set the page numbers centered.

if you have chosen double-sided printing and you have time: set the page numbers alternated so that the numbers on the back of the page are not inside the binding

if you have chosen the one-sided print, just insert them, you can put them where you want. There are those who put them centered, some at the bottom, some at the top, some at the right, some at the left. There’s something for everyone!

do not put the page number on the title page. It is not very nice to have it printed on a prestigious rigid binding for example … and it is not correct. It’s kind of like if they put the page number on the cover on a book. It’s not done!

“Little technical” advice for entering page numbers:

  • Click on insert
  • Click on page numbers
  • Choose page number placement (bottom or top?)

Choose the alignment of the page number (on the right, on the left, in the center, outside, inside, …). For the duplex setting, the correct settings are external / internal so that the numbers are toggled

Uncheck the “Number on first page” setting if it is set automatically (this way you will not have a page number on the title page)

Choose the page number format (with hyphen, simple number, …)

Enter page breaks instead of going to the next page by compulsively pressing ENTER. In this way the numbering will be set correctly.

These are just some “tips” for this latest “thesis effort”. It really depends on the PC you are using for writing your thesis and the program you have chosen.

Good adventure!

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