Maturity thesis in sight: 10 tips for you

Hi dear student. I imagine you now in a state of “pre-anxiety”. I thought of you while I was in the gym because some were talking about “third test simulation”. And I remembered my last year of high school.

What an adventure!

I arrived late … obvious. With all. Only the invention of the multidisciplinary conceptual map was missing, as well as simulations of the first, second and third tests. A real nightmare! But if I did it … you can do it (even if the anxiety will make it seem impossible in some moments).

Here are some tips for choosing the topic and for the months that separate you from maturity:

  • choose something transversal
  • choose what you like and what you master best

if you don’t know what to choose … try to think of current events. It always hides interesting ideas and will surely capture the attention because the topics on everyone’s lips attract

if you are undecided you can try to think of a character who has attracted you to his studies and try to build a thematic map around his story and his thought

making connections between the various subjects is required … but use your head. Most likely you won’t be able to put physical education on a World War II thesis. In short, I connect but don’t jump too much.

Ask for help

talk about your topic with friends, relatives, neighbors … see if it can be “interesting”

eat well and don’t give up the night’s rest. You are young but you are not a superhero (even if sometimes …). Having a healthy lifestyle will help you make the most of it. You can still say that your mother is stressed, but in your heart … be aware that some reason has it!

study but don’t stop working out, play, have fun, listen to music … enjoyment helps concentration. But when you study don’t let yourself be distracted.

Don’t delay … later it’s always too late!

NB here is the number 11: do not despair. After maturity, a fantastic summer awaits you !!! Fun, carefree, travel, university choices … hold on!

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